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Vacation clubs are the newest trend in the travel and leisure industry. GeoHoliday is proud to be a member of this growing industry, and able to offer one of the finest programs available. For one flat membership fee you can now enjoy some of the finest resorts and hotels in the world. You simply choose from a list fantastic worldwide destinations and off you go. The best part is that you stay for as long as you like and when your visit is done you have no bill to pay. It's that simple.

GeoHoliday's program sounds great, but where can you go? Let's look at some of the destinations around the world that GeoHoliday offers in their program.

Starting in the United States you can visit some of the finest resorts and hotels in: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, New York, Miami, Park City, San Antonio, and Scottsdale, to name only a few.

The GeoHoliday program for Canada offers great resorts in Ontario and Quebec provinces. In the Caribbean, beautiful tropical resorts can be found in: Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Dutch Antilles, and the Bahamas. If you enjoy Mexico, GeoHoliday resorts can be found in: Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Cancun, Cozumel, and other beautiful cities. Would you like to visit Europe? GeoHoliday offers great resorts and accommodation for you to choose from in: Ireland, England, Wales, Spain, Italy, Austria, Scotland, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Turkey. You can also find GeoHoliday destination on the Asian continent with destination like: India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Have you ever wanted to visit Africa? With the GeoHoliday program you can, with a vacation trip to Kenya. The list of options is huge, and is still growing.

In addition to all of these great destinations, GeoHoliday also offers fabulous cruises for you to enjoy. These cruises sail to Alaska, the Caribbean, and other fabulous destination. Our ships are top of the line with every imaginable luxury.

As you can see a GeoHoliday vacation program is not just a simple vacation, it's a ticket to visit and enjoy some of the most interesting and exotic destination in the world, all at an affordable price. Visit us at and start enjoying the world today.
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